Dhow Cruise Guide: The Best Ways to Visit Dubai

Dhow Cruise Guide: The Best Ways To Visit Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dubai and exploring some of the most famous landmarks globally. Lively road with sandy beach and a beautiful skyline. Imagine experiencing all these attractions while relaxing on a river cruise. 

The Dubai Dhow Cuise 2022 is the perfect option to turn your dreams into reality. Dhows are wooden boats built and designed by the local community. Fishing in the area to travel These ships have transformed from ordinary sea ships to luxury cruise ships.

 Come boating together and discover the best way to do a Meadow cruise and the top deals and options during the cruise. To assist you in choosing the right Dubai Dow cruise for your needs!

Information on what to expect from a Dhow cruise and onboard experiences.

A glamorous cruise decked out in glittering lights that will take you through Dubai’s grandeur, this cruise ship has two decks, with the first being air-conditioned—designed to provide entertainment and true live performances. 

Which makes passengers want more. The second deck is partially open and allows you to enjoy the fresh breeze and gentle waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Food and entertainment onboard

A dhow cruise is a flexible and customizable cruise experience. Whether it’s a small party or an intimately personal experience, it can be designed to suit your needs. The cruise ship offers a variety of entertainment options, such as DJ-themed parties, live performances, and dancing.

 Belly dancing is a popular entertainment option, but now instead uses “Tanura,” a traditional Turkish dance performed by dancers dressed in elaborate and beautiful costumes. Entertainment is followed by international dishes such as appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. Guests are greeted with dates, coffee, and snacks.

 You can indulge in a wide range of beverages and cocktails alongside delicious desserts. One highlight is the “Mahwah” – traditional Arabic coffee served during the cruise. The aroma of coffee is something that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Various types of Dhow cruises

It is hard to believe that Dubai is not surrounded by natural water. But the city’s artificial canal was built two years ago in Dubai, known as The ‘Dubai Marina,’ an artificial marina that opened in 2003.

 Along a 3km stretch of coastline, Dubai Creek is a natural gulf that’s the starting point for many fun cruises on the Meadows. However, Marina and Dubai Creek are two popular destinations worth exploring. But there are more options!

  1. Dhow Cruise Creek

Dubai Creek is a unique waterway built between two towers that form the spectacular Dhow Cruise. A cruise ship that allows passengers to experience Dubai’s tall structures along the impressive skyline.

 This cruise ship is popular with many people. Because there is a free pick-up service. Includes live performances and unlimited food options. If you want to feel the essence of Dubai, This two-hour cruise is a must.

  1. The Dow Cruise Marina

Explore this part of the Dubai Marina Canal. This cruise ship is fully committed to the traditional Bedouin lifestyle. Use a variety of original elements that surround the beautiful body of water. 

The highlight of this trip was the Marina Skyline. The stunning beauty of traditional music and performances will amaze you.

  1. Meadow Cruise – Dubai City Tour

If you have a short time, A cruise will give you an interesting opportunity to visit some of the top attractions in Dubai. Including the beautiful Burj Khalifa and the tranquil Palm Islands.

A wonderful four-hour cruise that will show you the full view of Dubai with its most impressive structures and world-class restaurants. This Dubai sightseeing tour will surely leave you feeling full of great food if you are vegetarian as there are endless food options.

  1. Musandam Dhow Cruise

Visitors highly seek after a beloved getaway, Musandam cruises departing from Dubai. But also the local people. It is a paradise where mountains meet the ocean. Provide beautiful scenery, sparkling seawater, and breathtaking views of the majestic Hajar Mountains. 

The region is part of Oman, separated from the mainland and close to Dubai. A charming seaside town with old-fashioned traditions Bustling local markets and towns, And an abundance of marine life, Musandam is an unforgettable getaway.

Highlights of the Dow Cruise

As you explore the city, You’ll be able to see some of Dubai’s famous structures based on the area you paddle in. The scenery of glittering colors and bright lights should not be overlooked. Highlights from this Dhow Cruise include:

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