How to Play Shanghai Darts

How To Play Shanghai Darts

Shanghai darts is among the easiest and simple to master games you can play in darts. As an inexperienced player, it can be difficult to learn how to throw your darts with any kind of accuracy, before you include the mental aspect of scoring your score in the classic 301/501 darts. For beginner games or practice I’d suggest that Shanghai is the simplest game to master and begin practicing right after the clock. It is not just that the math aspect easy, but it also lets you to practice every numeral on the board and to familiarize yourself with the position of every number. How to play Shanghai darts? Players will rotate throwing 3 darts at single number of 1-7 every turn. 

It means that you’ll be throwing 3 darts to number 1 and 3 darts for the number 2 all up to seven. The objective for the contest is count your score after every throw, and then have the highest score overall after each player has thrown seven. Do not let the ease of Shanghai darts get taken for as a given, it is an extremely enjoyable game that can be played to help players be successful on all numbers. 

To be able to score high and get on a broad range of checkouts, players must be able to use every number on the board. This means the ability to put your darts with many more numbers than just the 20s and 19s , and only a handful of games can perform this better than Shanghai!

How to Play Shanghai Darts 

This game called Shanghai darts is very simple. Players alternate throwing darts one number in succession across the board. That means that player 1 will throw 3 darts to the number 1 in their first round, and 3 darts on number two during their next turn, and the process continues in a series of numbers across the board. The norm is that Shanghai darts are played in the order of numbers 1 through seven only, since this makes it easier to keep track of scores and allows for 21 darts for each round (the equivalent of a league average darts leg of 501). 

While certain variations of the game can play between 1-20 for one round, it can be quite lengthy and the format 1-7 is typically preferred. Single, double, and treble are playing in this game. So, when you land one single one, single 1 and double 1 on your initial throw, your total score for the round will be 4. I’ll show you an example game later the goal in the game is make more points than your opponent at the end of round 7.

Advanced Shanghai Darts Rules 

Since Shanghai is a basic and easy game There are a variety of rules that you could use improve the game’s difficulty. complex and difficult. The first step is to establish the rule that missing one number can cause an automatic loss. This is a way to bring an element of focus and competition in the sport. For instance, if you choose the numbers 3 and 5 as your bogey’s numbers, failing to hit the number 3 by throwing three darts on your throw could result in an automatic loss. If you’re playing with two players, then it’s a loss for you. If you are playing with 3+ players, then the game will continue, and you’ll need to play in the next game. It is also possible to establish rules that state single numbers don’t contribute to your score, meaning you have to hit the treble or double to get a score. In addition, you can add Shanghai results in the game to provide the possibility of winning the game, without being the one with the highest score.

Shanghai Darts Example Game 

Below is a straightforward Shanghai darts game that shows the scoring rules for one player. I’ve also provided a short video to provide a better visually appealing illustration. 

Throw 1 single one 20 and double 18, hit the total score of 1. (Scored by 1 on 1,) 

Throw 2 Single 2 Single 2 , and single 17, score total equals 5 (scored 4-2’s) 

Throw 3 – triple 3 Single 19 single hit Total score of 14. (Scored nine on the 3’s) 

Throw 4 single 4 Single four hit total score 26, (12 scores on the 4’s) 

Throw 5 Single five, single 5. five hits treble, total score of 51 (25 5’s scored) 

Throw 6 single 10 single 6, single hit total score = 63 (12 scored on 6’s) 

Throw 7 , single 19 one hit of 7, score = 91 (28 scored on 7’s) 

Final score is 91. 

As you can see, the objective for the contest is scoring as high on every number as you can, making use of trebles or double it if your level of skill can allow for this kind of precision. Keep in mind one thing you must throw darts with precision.

Final thought

If you’re seeking a simple and fast game to play which will not only aid in double finishing, as well as your scoring trebles on various numbers on the board, then Shanghai is among the most enjoyable games to play. Additionally, you have the possibility of turning it into a game for a group of players, so be sure to play Shanghai darts to discover why this is an underrated gem.

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