How Do You Make a Lasagna Garden In Your Raised Garden Bed?

How Do You Make a Lasagna Garden In Your Raised Garden Bed?

Lasagna gardening, also known as sheet composting, is a popular technique to provide the required nutrients to the plants in your raised garden bed. This method of gardening is specially used in all those areas that have a poor-quality of soil. By using this method, you will easily be able to fill your raised garden bed. You will also be able to grow a huge variety of plants in your raised garden bed without much effort. So, let’s have a look at how you can make your raised bed garden all by yourself:

Build The Framework: 

You will have to build the framework for your garden bed. Make sure that the framework is sturdy enough. You can build the frame using a metal sheet as it will last for a long time. You should also ensure that the frame is built properly so that no damage comes to the framework in a short while. The frame should also be created in an area where the soil is not contaminated and there is sufficient water availability.

Create The Base: 

Next, you need to create the base of the garden bed. You can create a base using a layer of cardboard or newspaper at the bottom. This case will break down very slowly as it soaks moisture. You can add some twigs and branches and place them over the cardboard. This is going to provide excellent drainage to the raised garden bed. You will also be able to ensure that the plants grow well. You can also contact us to know how to fill a raised garden bed with complete ease.

Add The Subsequent Layers

Next, you will have to add the remaining layers of your raised garden bed. You can at least 2 inches of compost or well-rotted manure. After that, you must add around 4 inches of grass and other garden waste, including green salads and coffee grounds. Avoid adding too many kitchen scraps as it can attract rodents and other animals. Cover this with around 8 inches of branches and leaves, then start again until the bed’s full. Water the compost at least once or twice a week and allow it to decompose throughout the year.

Prepare the garden bed for planting:

Once you see that your garden bed is filled to a desirable extent, you are good to grow your plants. You can add more material to fill up the blank spaces. You can add around 6 layers of soil just before the planting season begins, and you are good to start your plantation activities. You may also add organic fertilizers and water deeply for excellent yield.

And this is how you can build your lasagna garden. You can also get your garden planter boxes for sale from us at an affordable price range.

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