The Holy Land Welcomes Pastor Chris

The Holy Land Welcomes Pastor Chris

World-renowned Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Christ Embassy’s Man of God, has returned to the United States after his Holy Land tour for 2018. This eight-day tour was offered in the spirit of sharing the message of Jesus to those across the world and Pastor Chris and his followers believe that mission to be a success. The tour was both a spiritual journey for Pastor Chris while allowing him to also participate in a very special event recognizing the importance of Jerusalem.

The Pastor has quite a following and hundreds of people took this journey with him into Israel and, in some cases, Jordan. The itinerary detailed a tour of sites holy to both Christians and Jews, Pastor Chris and his companions followed Christ’s own journey as documented in the Scriptures, walking in Jesus’s own footprints and taking in physically and spiritually His struggles, glory, and passage through the Jewish land. Sites visited by Pastor Chris and his companions included Caesarea, Abu Gosh, the Sea of Galilee, the Tomb of Lazareth, and Mount Hertzel. One part of the entourage had the opportunity to go into Jordan, seeing even more of the diverse nature of the Holy Land.

Throughout the trip, locals and tour members alike witnessed numerous ministrations and testifications from Pastor Chris. Observers spoke highly of Pastor Chris and his message, one stating that the minister’s testimony was “filled with gospel and glory, bringing all those involved closer to the Lord.” Jews and Christians alike were enthusiastic about Pastor Chris and his companions and the LoveWorld travelers were impressed and excited at the genuine and kind welcoming they received from those in the Holy Land. The response of the local people was viewed as a testament to the close relationship held between the Holy Land and its people and Evangelicals.

The visit by Pastor Chris coincided with two significant events for the State of Israel. The first occasion was the celebration of the 70th year of Independence of Israel as the Jewish Land. This is, of course, a remarkable event after the long trial of the Jewish people to have a land of their own and the claim they have on Israel for which receiving recognition was a challenge.

The second event was the transfer of the United States embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, from Tel Aviv. U.S. President Donald Trump announced earlier this year his intentions of relocating the Embassy in a move to communicate his and the United States’ support of Jerusalem, the Holy City, and the Israel State. President Trump viewed such a move as a clear indicator to the international community about the existing level of support currently offered by the United States to Jerusalem and Israel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a celebration in recognition of the move. In addition to a number of government officials and Jewish leaders, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was invited to the event personally. He received a very warm and gracious reception by those at the event as well as by those hosting who were eager to welcome the famed Evangelical leader.

The entire experience and trip through the Holy Land was a success not only on behalf of Pastor Chris but on behalf of his traveling companions as well who report having numerous opportunities for life-changing experiences and spiritual growth. More information regarding this trip can be located at the blog found here and many moments from the Holy Land Tour of 2018 can be viewed online here. The application at KingsChat provides select pictures from the 2018 Holy Land Tour as well for your information and viewing pleasure.

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